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Personal Training
at Fearless

Contact us by filling out the form below to receive more information about how to start working with a personal trainer at Fearless and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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Brandon is an ACE certified personal trainer. He specializes in helping skinny men build muscle. He does not currently have in person openings, but has online openings.


Click here to view Brandon's personal fitness training website!

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Kersten is a NASM certified personal trainer. She specializes in strength training. She has an interest in postpartum training. After her two pregnancies, she was able to rebuild her physique and strength. She is certified in postpartum training. Kersten has very limited availability.


Click here to view Kersten's personal fitness training website!


Adrienne Fowler

Adrienne is a USAW Level 1 Coach located in Lafayette, IN. and has been coaching Weightlifting for 8+ years. Prior to her move to Lafayette in 2021, Adrienne owned Barbell Betty’s Club on the North Shore of Boston where she coached members in Olympic style and traditional weightlifting.  Adrienne’s true passion for the barbell is evident in her coaching style and authentic desire to see her clients achieve their personal goals by empowering them every step of the way.  Whether you are looking to improve and fine tune your technique with the barbell, increase your Sports Performance, compete in CrossFit or Oly or take advantage of the incredible mental health and physical gains the barbell can give you- I am here to help you get there.



 Dan is a certified personal trainer, powerlifter and strongman competitor. He works with all ages and levels of experience. He offers in person individual and group training as well as online training 



Eric is a NASM certified personal trainer. He specializes in strength training for women and young athletes. He leads our Women and Weights program and has an active role in our challenges. Eric has openings.


Will Pescio

Will is a certified personal trainer that specializes in general fitness, mobility, and joint strength. He offers online and in-person training as well as mobility assessments. 


Logan Thomas

Logan is an NSCA-certified personal trainer. He specializes in helping people improve their physical capability in areas of general fitness, strongman training, and powerlifting training. He offers in-person and online training. 




Dawn is a NASM certified personal trainer and powerlifter. She specializes in general fitness. She holds a significant role in our challenges and has helped many women successfully increase strength and lose weight.


Need help finding the perfect trainer for you?

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