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5 Reasons to Take a Rest Day

1.) Rest days give your muscles a chance to grow.

High intensity exercise will cause muscle breakdown. A recovery day allows the muscles time to build back up.

2.) Rest days allow energy stores to build back up.

On a rest day, the amount of glycogen stores in your body will be replenished. Glycogen is a form of stored glucose that can be utilized during exercise for energy.

3.) Rest days give your muscles time to recover from stress.

Increased stress on the muscles can increase injury risk. Rest days allow for the muscles to recover, thus reducing injury risk.

4.) Rest days improve performance outcomes.

By allowing your body time to build muscle, store energy, and reduce stress; you will have a lower risk for burnout and plateaus in progress.

5.) Rest days allow for more time with family and friends.

Building and maintaining connection is important for health. Research has shown increases in self-esteem and decreases in depression and anxiety when connections are prioritized.

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